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With Mom Care in NY,NJ

New York, New Jersey Postpartum Recovery and Newborn Care

In this dawn of new life, where wonder intertwines with trepidation, I pledge to be your WithMom, a guiding light through these precious, uncharted moments.

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WithMom Care

In regions such as New York and New Jersey, the infrastructure for postpartum care often falls short of meeting the needs of new mothers. I have observed mothers enduring significant challenges, stemming from a lack of awareness about prenatal and postnatal care, as well as a shortage of skilled professionals. At WithMom Care, we understand the critical importance of support during this transformative phase. We are committed to facilitating a swift and healthy recovery for mothers post childbirth, and ensuring the wellbeing of their newborns, by delivering expert services grounded in ongoing research and advancements in knowledge and technology.

Manager Silvia

As a mother of two children and a child studies major, I have experience working at various day care centers in Korea and the United States. Additionally, I gained practical experience working as a postpartum care specialist in the United States for many years. To further strengthen my expertise in this field, I obtained national certification as a maternal and newborn health care worker in Korea and also hold CPR certification in case of emergency situations. In addition, we have completed child abuse prevention training and have completed Tdap and other required vaccinations, so we are experts who prioritize health and safety.

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WithMom Care Blog

Maternity care
Support for maternal postpartum health recovery/
​Breastfeeding management/edema management/gymnastics and abdominal care/mother's psychological and emotional support/carefully selected healthy diet management
Newborn care
Health status check log
Umbilical cord (navel) and cleanliness management/
Lactation support/bathing
Management of newborn supplies (baby bottles, breast pumping supplies)
​Separate washing of newborn clothes
Housework and  management
Maintaining cleanliness in places where mothers and newborns are most active
Indoor temperature, humidity and ventilation
​Maternity clothing washing

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